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I’ve been a listener of Security Now! since Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte since its beginning in August of 2005. I’ve never really been the type of person to "testify" to anyone else, but I do find myself saying frequently saying "let me tell you what my last week has been like."

Such is the case for Security Now! I find myself using it as an ongoing resource for both my graduate studies, and as a resource for my work. Steve Gibson has a way of presenting ver complicated issues in information security in very approachable ways.

It seems to me that I find myself going back repeatedly to refer and catch up on material I’ve missed. I recommend Security Now and all of the TWiT ( netcasts if you’re involved in technology at any level.

Link: GRC | Security Now! | Featuring episode #104  .

Disk Drive Failure Rates

I’ve just been listening to episode 81 of Security Now, yeah I know I’m behind. Anyway the subject is about a paper published by Google on the long term reliability of disk drives.

It turns out, the single device that we depend on the most at home and in the enterprise isn’t so reliable. It’s quite enlightening, and a little bit frightening.

You can read/hear about it at:

Monday Morning

We, that is my wife and I, spent the weekend in Marble Falls, Texas, about 50 miles outside of Austin. Nice place, and we really needed the time away. I’m not really crazy about driving, and it’s about a four hour drive from Dallas.

We stayed at a rennovated Bed and Breakfast called the Wallace Guest House on Third Street. It’s a really great B&B, rooms run in the $165 USD range per night. Five total rooms, all suites, living area and kitchen downstairs, and sleeping and bath quarters upstairs. Though the place doesn’t serve breakfast, they do provide gift certificates to one of the local cafes called the Bluebonnet.

If you’re going through Marble Falls, I highly recommend the Wallace Guest House, here’s their contact information:

Wallace Guest House

910 3rd St
Marble Falls, TX 78654
(830) 798-9808

Let me start from the beginning…

Well… Here’s the thing, we all need a place to express ourselves, and for me this is it. I read an article recently that states "blogs are quickly fading in to obscurity." That may be, but at least for me, this will be the place where you’ll get a brief glimpse in to my life and world.

Wayne Dyer observes "Don’t let your life go by with your music still in you."

Maybe this will be the place where you’ll see (and hear) a bit of my jazz.

Thanks for stopping by.