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Many businesses struggle to effectively engage IT. I get it. IT represents a big chunk of your SG&A expense.

Mr. or Ms. CEO/COO/Owner/Audit Committee Chair/Board of Directors, what value does YOUR organization get out of writing that big check every month?

I can help; by cutting through the complexity; facilitating IT engagement and enabling business in a revenue improvement context.

I have a proven ability in engaging IT to drive revenue growth, strategy and operational excellence.

As a seasoned executive & CIO, I have 20+ years of senior technology leadership experience with multinational, publicly traded and private enterprises. My background is in the manufacturing operations sectors within aerospace, transportation, energy and CPG.

My multinational background provides unique long term experience in developing and leading large scale, mission critical global portfolios. I have significant experience with international regulatory compliance challenges, internal controls design, global information security and risk management.

I have a demonstrated leadership success record; aligning business, enterprise strategies, practices and infrastructure across multiple global operating units in the US, China, Singapore, UK, France, Germany, Canada and the UAE; unifying them into a global enterprise.

I am known for building and providing leadership for high performance teams; working directly with my customers in their enterprise integration efforts. I am a CIO who delivers technology, process, and product management strategies along industry trends; while meeting deadlines, reducing costs, and delivering results.

I have a passion for public speaking, and re-engineering business in mid-market enterprises.

I am interested in public mid-market and non-profit board positions; leading acquisitions & divestitures; technology portfolio modernization, global project teams and business transformation through enabling technology.



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