Information Protection – Tip 2

90% of all passwords are vulnerable
it takes 5 minutes to go from hackable to uncrackable… (Look I know these sound like the fundamentals but you’d be surprised at what I see people do).
In fact over a long enough timeline every passwords security drops to zero.
(Thank you for allowing me to shamelessly plagiarize this first paragraph)
Surprisingly you would think those who were brought up in the age of always having a computer nearby, The Millennials, would think this is as old hat as the advice to use condoms or not smoke (both of which many choose to ignore anyway), but the statistics show otherwise. Only 41% them and their neighbors the Gen X’ers changed their passwords ever or only when prompted.
And 55% use the same password for everything.
I could write a book on good credential hygiene, but the site for password day 2014 has several excellent suggestions.

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