What is GOOD, or GOOD.is?


My mamma taught me as a boy to avoid two subjects in social conversation, politics and money.

Generally, I try to avoid these two topics for a number of reasons; one, other people, and certainly the media, do a great job of covering these topics ad nausea; and two, I have plenty of other things to say without beating people over the head with my ideology.

I’m certainly not a radical activist, I care about animals (I love my dog Skipper, he’s the worlds best friend), but I’m not a card carrying member of PETA. I believe that ALL people have rights and a voice, black, white, gay, purple, yellow, Christian, muslim, Taoist, and others; but I’m not a member of the ACLU.

I also believe that social care is only in part the responsibility of the government, but rather it’s a collaboration between, government, people and business (large and small), it takes a village. I have two children with severe disabilities so I have some experience with this.

Ok, I said all of that to say this… I ran across a website and magazine I really like, it’s called GOOD (in caps) and can be found at www.GOOD.is, it seems a little random, kinda like the way BOING BOING started out. The tag line for the site is “For People Who Give a Damn.”

I stumbled across the site during my morning news foraging and rand across an article on posthumously donating intellectual property much like someone would sign an organ donor card on their drivers license. (not that anyone would want the pick up the banner of the half baked ideas rattling around in my head).

But as I started to read through the site it has a number of topics that apperception to be fairly well thought out topics on everything from the history of political opinion in the US to a crowdsourced cookbook (fall edition BTW).

It seems a lite quirky, fairly approachable, and has some interesting topics.

I added it to my morning reading list, take a look, maybe you will too. Give me some feedback and let me know what you think.

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