Get to The Point.

This might seem contradictory to someone who likes to hear themselves talk (yours truly), but it is something I continue to work on. Hey, I’m a work in progress, what else can I say?

Two things that always bug me though are, 1. Long voice mail messages, and 2. Long email messages. I read this article on the need to be concise in email communications and I really believe there is a strong message here.

We are bombarded daily with thousands of pieces of information, and long rambling emails are some of the main culprits, this article, from the Lifehacker website ( is a message of simplicity. The basic notion is to think of email as if they were SMS messages and keep them short, really short; like under five sentences short.

In fact if it can be said in the just the subject line relish say whatever you have to say in just the subject line. One Gmail trick is to add (EOM) to the end of the subject line and gmail won’t even ask for a confirmation it will simply send the message understanding that the message is already at its end.

Well said for a society overloaded in information.

The KISS principle never sounded so good.

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