The Komen 3 Day for the Cure is a WRAP!

3 Days 60 Miles, One Awesome Cause.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my survivor wife. We finished 829 and 830 out of over 4000 registrants.

But it’s not about the number.

This has been one of the most inspiring weekends Jill and I have experienced.

The last three days I have never seen so many strong women who walked for their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts or themselves.

Like over 80 survivors walking because they refused to give up and be defined by a disease.

Or the amazing 280 men including Bob, the top fundraiser (raising over $17,000 for this event alone AFTER raising money for the Boston 3 Day from earlier this summer), all walking for their wives, mothers, aunts, girlfriends and other loved ones. These people are all, in a word… invincible.

And yet this is a trivial accomplishment compared to the challenges experienced by so many close to me; Jill, her mother Diana, Connie, Sue Ellen, Janise, so many others that have made it… And those that haven’t.

We carried you with us for every one of the over 120,000 steps that made up the sixty miles we travelled.

And we hade some special friends along the way, Kayla, the young woman that travelled all the way from Nappa Valley to walk for her Aunt. The young woman that did the entire sixty miles in a wheel chair.

We saw the cheering sections that drove us forward, and all the crazy costumes, the Harley bikers, pink hair, and yes one pink Gorilla.

Will we do this again next year? You bet, in a heartbeat! But maybe we won’t have to because we will have a cure to this devastating disease.

Freedom of speech being what it is, there is a chance that I won’t get some future job because a potential employer will google me, read what I’m about to say and be offended. I’ll take that risk. (or maybe you’ll get a taste through this message of the perseverance drives me forward). That said my apologies in advance for offending your delicate sensibilities:

You took my father and brother from me, you took my mother in law and several friends from me.

You tried to take my wife and my dear friend Connie from me, you tried to take Haven, Sue, Jan, and Elizabeth, but you couldn’t. And this weekend we won, you lost! Fuck you cancer!

We will never give up!

We will never give up!

We will never give up!

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