60 Miles Starts in 24 Hours

Tomorrow morning, Friday 11/4/2010, Jill and I start on the Komen 3 Day.

We will be walking 60 miles to end breast cancer. This adventure started in February this year when Jill (a 6 year breast cancer survivor herself) and I were coping with the recurrence of ovarian cancer in her mother, Diana.

As many of you know Diana lost a nearly two year battle with ovarian cancer earlier this year after being a 16 year breast cancer survivor.

I have been very fortunate in my life to be touched by so many amazingly strong women who have survived breast cancer (each of you know who you are) and my life would have turned out very differently had it not been for you.

There are many others in my life who have survived or succumbed to other cancers as well, my dad, my brother, Janise, Greg, Nancy, Paula, Polly, Chris, Sue, Harry, you all are never far from my thoughts.

But for this weekend, I’m walking in either celebration or remembrance for:
Jill B.
Diana M.
Connie F.
Haven J.
Holly B.
Margaret B.
Paula F.
Sue Ellen

If you’d like Tom omen cheer us on you can go to www.the3day.org and find the route. Friday 11/5, we will be starting at Collin Creek Mall and have lunch at Valley View Park.

If you’d like to donate, please use the link below. In any event I’m going to be tweeting and posting my journey along along the way.

You can follow my tweets here:

Or donate to the 3 Day Here: http://bit.ly/dq6hMV

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