Five File Encryption Tools Used To Keep You Information Secure

This is a recap of an article on Lifehacker about the poll results of encryption technology.

I actually use all of these tools, I mentioned in a post earlier last week that if I had to pick KeePass and TrueCrypt would top the list, and they would for the large part, I find them both easy to use, and understand without the need to have a cryptographic or computer science expert.

Five Best File Encryption Tools:

But I might have to include both GNU Privacy Guard and and 7Zip. GnuPG is one of the heavyweights in encryption technology for personal use and there’s an interesting story behind it and the product PGP. Anyway, GnuPG is also used to digitally sign files, email and other types of messages to insure that people receive information fronton as you intended it.

7Zip fills an interesting niche as the article continues, by providing a free file compression tool, ala WinZip, along with highly secured encryption through AES.

Take a look at these tools and comment back and let me know what you think.

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