Come Over To the Dark Side – Evil (One Week Only)

I love, and have followed their site ever since I read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Lifehacker comes from the same people that bring us gizmodo. Lifehacker focuses on the simple things that help tweak our lives to help things go a bit more productively (hacks in computer terms).

I follow their posts regularly and find the tips very worthwhile, e.g. How to improve your presentation skills, or the reasons why we procrastinate.

It was odd though when I started seeing a series of posts yesterday that, though informative, seemed… Well out of place. The first one was “How to crack an encrypted wi-fi network,” followed by “How to manipulate people.”

Then I went over to the site to look at their landing page (I usually read their stories on a news reader so I occasionally miss a post). And this week is “Evil Week” in tribute to Halloween this Sunday.

The interesting part of the idea of evil week, is that many of the ideas in the posts are the exact reasons I got in to the information security and assurance business.

I’d encourage you to go over to their site and take a look, not to find out how to defraud others, but rather to recognize it for yourself and help to prevent it from happening to you. Who knows you might even learn how to thumb your nose at Steve Jobs and build your own “Hackintosh.”

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