Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You – WSJ.com

Link: Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You – WSJ.com.

OK, so my network manager sends this link to me yesterday as he was perusing the internet for some research I have him doing on locking down user profiles.

Now, honestly, I don’t consider myself to be the IT Nazi, I really don’t. I always contended that my role in an organization is to protect the company’s information assets from attack, and compromise. But it always, and I mean always seems to be at odds with the general user community.

We in IT are always in a precarious position, between protecting the systems, information, and infrastructure that IS the life blood of our organizations, and the seemingly endless cry from the general community that we are inhibiting their productivity and contributing to the malaise of the workplace.

What sort of raises my blood pressure about this article isn’t that it’s a how-to on circumventing the measures we’ve put in place (the perimeter of an organization is porous, always has been, always will be, whether or not it involves technology). What raises my blood pressure over this article is the general cavalier tone the article takes. Here’s a way to get around "the man" Vara claims, and it’s not really that difficult.

Well maybe not, and there are always exceptions, but the security measures we put in place are in place to protect the organization (from which you draw your paycheck) and you (from yourself, quite frankly). And if everything is consistent, it levels the playing field, and makes anomalies easier to find.

So here we go again, round two of the great debate of IT…

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