The Bamboo Project Blog

Link: The Bamboo Project Blog.

I’ve mentioned before that I sit on the board of a couple of non-profit organizations. I have a passion for the organizations I work with, and I have a passion for the type of work I do, that is being a technologist.

I figured, shoot, I have over 25 years of experience being in technology, what better way to use the gifts I was given than by helping organizations understand and apply technology in new and inventive ways? That’s what I get paid to do at my day job.

What I discovered though, as I worked through the process of deploying systems in very small non-profits is that I didn’t understand their requirements nearly as well as I thought I did. I have a thorough understanding of engineering systems and how to apply technology, especially in the private for-profit sector, I do it every day, and I do it well. But I am fortunate enough to work with a team of very talented people that are helping me get to a place of understanding what was necessary for a small start-up non-profit.

I have to thank Kerry P., Karen M., Casie C., and Connie F. all of whom are helping me along this journey; they have a tremendous understanding of the needs for our projects, thanks for all of your guidance.

So, as I was beginning to scour resources on the understanding what it means to apply technology to the non-profit (especially small NPO) sector; I ran across Michele Martin’s blog titled "The Bamboo Project," her blog has, over the last several weeks become a resource for me on my projects in working with these organizations. Her blog centers on the use of technology for the social and non-profit sector.

I have found myself referring back to her site on more than one occasion, with her, through her posts, providing some real, practical, and valuable advice and information. Michele’s writing style is conversational and very approachable.

Thanks very much Michele for the valuable advice, I’ve added you (uh, your blog) to my tags, and certainly in my favorites.