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Link: » The Magic Quadrant: Team collaboration and social software | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com.

Ok, so I’ve been looking in to the whole use of Web 2.0 applications for use in the enterprise, the Enterprise 2.0 concept. Now call me provincial, and I probably should learn much more about this than I have, but one of the things we’ve really been struggling with during the last several years is the work group collaboration over dispersed geographic regions.

So I’m sitting here on Thanksgiving day thinking about this stuff while I’m eating my turkey and dressing (also eating collard greens being the good southern boy I am). I’m doing some casual research on the subject and run across this article on ZDNet. Seems Gartner has already published a report on the concept of the use of social software (like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, wikis and the like) to facilitate team collaboration.

Now everything said and done, the "money shot" of this report is the "Magic" quadrant, see figure 1, a graphic representation of leaders, bleeders, followers and trailers in the social software sector using applying this technology to solve the problems of collaboration in the enterprise.

Alright, so the long and short of this image are two interesting organizations coming even anywhere close to being leaders, and that’s Microsoft and IBM, two of the largest behemoths in the technology industry. What does that really mean? Well, that just because an organization is big that it doesn’t have vision, and just because an organization is small and agile, that it does have vision.

This is a really intriguing topic for me, and one I’m going to continue to write about. Let’s see how this is all going to apply to my new projects, and where this is going to lead.

Stay tuned…